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Ministries & Programs

We operate various programs and ministries currently in the Dominican Republic. Ranging from supernatural training, ministry schools, children and youth programs, and humanitarian projects.


Gilgal Fire School is a 3 day conference/school that we do for local churches both in the USA and in Dominican Republic. We show you how to hear God's voice and activate the supernatural power of God in your life through understanding your identity in Christ. Each day is filled with teachings, activations, exercises, and taking it to the streets. 


King's Castle Ministry focuses on evangelizing children and youth. We go into neighborhoods and schools to preach the gospel with exciting programs filled with supernatural encounters, songs, dances, games and teachings. 


School of Supernatural Ministry is divided up into two programs. A full-time three year program which includes a degree in bible (certified by the Bible Institute) and a part-time 1-2 year program geared towards those in the marketplace.


Humanitarian Projects We are always looking for ways to help our local island communities, ranging from free hair cuts, to handing out food and restoring rotted out houses. We work together with local churches to help those in need, which in turn allows the churches to connect with and minister to them on a more consistent basis after we leave.


Castle Club is a children's and youth discipleship program. A lot of churches don't have well equipped programs for children, so we provide the training, curriculums and other materials for churches to have exceptional programs for these age groups.

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