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We Reach, Ignite, Train and Release! 


Reach: We are largely focused on power evangelism; the gospel is shown through signs and wonders. 


Ignite: We cultivate a lifestyle that camps around His presence and He empowers us with the baptism of His Spirit and His Fire.


Train: We disciple others to live like Jesus. How to hear His voice, pray for the sick, cast out devils, raise the dead, become His Word and preach the gospel.


Release: Whether they go into the marketplace or full time ministry, we want them to be able to Reach, Ignite, Train and Release in whatever field the Lord has called them to.


We reach and ignite those who are willing to lay it all down for Jesus. We train them to walk like Him, filled with the Holy Spirit and fire. We teach them their identity in Christ and activate them into a supernatural lifestyle, then send them out to do the same with others. 

Gilgal Training Center: We are currently in the process of establishing our first ministry training center in Dominican Republic. Built around the 5-fold ministry model, we aim to equip believers to be naturally supernatural through a life filled with the fire of God, taking risks and unwilling to compromise. We seek out people in every career path, not just those going into full-time ministry. We believe that in order to change the world for Jesus we need politicians, doctors, police officers, CEO's, and more to walk in the fire of God and be empowered to live a supernatural lifestyle. 

We have already established various schools and programs in the Dominican Republic, that will be included in our training center.

Gilgal Fire School: Is a 3 day school/conference for local churches both in Dominican Republic and in the USA. We show believers how to hear God's voice and activate the supernatural power of God in their lives through understanding their identity in Christ. Each day is filled with teachings, activations, exercises, and taking it to the streets.

School of Supernatural Ministry: We train people of all ages and all walks of life to understand their identity in Christ and empower them to live a naturally supernatural life like Jesus did. We have a full-time 3 year program that includes a degree in bible and a part-time 1-2 year program geared more towards people in the market place, without the bible degree.

King's Castle: The main focus of this ministry is to evangelize children and youth. We have outreaches geared especially for these age groups. We go into neighborhoods and schools to preach the gospel with exciting programs filled with supernatural encounters, songs, dances, games, teachings and ministry time.


Castle Club: Is a children's and youth discipleship program.  So many children are under valued and shoved to the side. A lot of churches don't have well equipped children's or youth programs, so we have been changing that. We provide the training, curriculums, and other materials for churches to have an exceptional and life changing program.


Humanitarian Projects: We are always looking for ways to better our local island communities, ranging from free haircuts, to handing out food, and restoring rotted out houses. We work together with local churches to help those in need, which in turn allows the churches to connect with and minister to them on a more consistent basis after we leave.


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