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To awaken this generation to its original purpose and destiny. To see them marked by the fire of God and spreading His fire wherever they go. Starting in the Dominican Republic and expanding to all the islands of the earth.


Reach and ignite those who are willing to lay it all down for Jesus. We train them to walk like Him, filled with the Holy Spirit and fire. We teach them their identity in Christ and activate them in a supernatural lifestyle, then send them out to do the same with others.


Love is at the center of everything we do. We demonstrate love with action. We maintain a culture of honor; honoring others by always recognizing their created value. We are devoted to serve one another with excellence in everything we do. We don’t act alone, we are a family, always communicating and showing support for one another. Every decision we make is centered around the presence of God. We choose to remain in a place of worshiping around His presence at all times. We demonstrate His presence through our passion, creativity, and supernatural lifestyle. A supernatural lifestyle is a must for us. The Kingdom of God is power, so we daily seek out opportunities to demonstrate His power and establish His Kingdom.

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